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Research opportunities during graduate studies

Are you interested in learning more about research in SLHS? Have you thought about maybe continuing on for a PhD but you are not sure what a research career in SLHS is all about? If the answer is “yes”, then SLHS’s unique FAR program might be right for you!

The Future Academics and Researchers (FAR) program allows students enrolled for the Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology or AuD in Audiology degree to participate in unique research-related experiences while completing their program of study at the University of Florida.

What is FAR

  • The Future Academics and Researchers program (FAR) is a unique program that provides opportunities for Master of Arts or AuD students to work along side expert faculty in their laboratories to conduct exciting, cutting-edge research in communication science and disorders
  • With opportunities for up-close experiences working in research, students will learn more about research careers in SLHS.

What does FAR provide?

  • Once a student is enrolled in the FAR program (see below for details), students will be paired with an individual faculty mentor.
  • Students will have opportunities to participate in research in their mentor’s lab, with possibilities to work in other labs as well.
  • In addition to working on research projects, students may participate in a variety of research-related activities, including:
    • Attending lab meetings
    • Engaging in research planning sessions with other FAR students, doctoral students and research faculty
    • Participating in interdisciplinary research with researchers from other departments and disciplines.
    • Attending SLHS and other research colloquia to learn more about different research projects and perspectives
    • Participating in a SLHS journal club with other FAR students, SLHS doctoral students and faculty
    • Presenting their research within the department or at conferences
  • Students will gain valuable insight into a career in SLHS.
  • Doing a Masters thesis is not required to participate in FAR.

How can I enroll in FAR?

  • If you are applying to the Masters or AuD program, mention your interest in the FAR program in your application. If you have already applied for admission to the MA or AuD program, that is not a problem. You will have additional opportunities to express your interest if you are accepted into the program.
  • If you are admitted into the Masters or AuD program, you will receive information about the FAR program with your admission letter. When you accept admission to UF, you can indicate your interest in the FAR program.
  • Newly admitted MA and AuD students attend an orientation meeting prior to the start of school. At this meeting, you will be provided additional details about the FAR program, faculty research interests and other research activities.
    • If you decide during the orientation meeting that you want to participate in FAR, you can submit an application expressing your interest in the program during the first semester of the Masters or AuD program.
  • Once you are accepted into the FAR program, you will be formally paired with a faculty mentor and you will be on your way to many exciting research experiences!

To learn more about the FAR program, contact the Dr. Lisa Edmonds, at

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