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Graduate Admissions

Applying to the Master’s Program for Speech-Language Pathology

Admissions Data

  • The MA program for speech-language pathology at the University of Florida receives between 300 to 500 applications per year. In any given year, we offer admission to approximately 13-18% of all applicants.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA):  The average undergraduate upper-division GPA among students who were offered admission in the Fall 2015 cohort was 3.83 (SD = 0.16; Range: 3.20-4.00).
  • GRE Scores: (Range for the Middle 50% of applicants who were offered admission) — Verbal Reasoning: 155-161; Quantitative Reasoning: 152-160; Analytical Writing: 4.0-5.0
  • For additional information about our program, please consult our entry in the EdFind database on the website of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Application Deadline

  • The application deadline for the MA-SLP program is January 15.
    • All application materials should be submitted by this date.
    • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed
    • You are responsible for checking the status of your application materials in advance of the January 15 deadline to be sure your application is complete.
    • For additional information about admission-related dates, click here.

Completing the Application for Admission

Application to the University of Florida’s Master’s program for speech-language pathology is a two-step process:

Step 1: Complete our program’s CSDCAS application 

  • CSDCAS stands for Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service. 
  • To access our program’s CSDCAS application, click on this link:
  • After you access the CSDCAS application system, carefully read the information on our program’s CSDCAS homepage.
  • Use the CSDCAS application to:
    • enter your personal and academic information, including official academic transcript(s)
    • respond to program-specific questions
    • enter information about prerequisite courses you have already taken, are currently enrolled in, or will be taking in the Spring or Summer 2016 semesters
    • submit your recommendation letters (3 recommendation letters are required)
    • upload required program documents:
      • Your personal statement (400 to 500 words)
      • Your resume (1 page is recommended)

Step 2: Complete most portions of the University of Florida’s Graduate School Application. (see

You must complete all sections of the UF graduate school application, EXCEPT FOR the following:

  • Letters of recommendation (You will submit three letters of recommendation through CSDCAS)
  • Statement of purpose/personal statement (You will submit this document through CSDCAS.)
  • Resume (You will submit this document through CSDCAS.)

Important notes about UF’s graduate application:

  • Fee: You must pay the $30.00 fee for the UF graduate application. This fee is separate from fees in the CSDCAS application.
  • GRE scores: You must send your official GRE score report to the University of Florida.
    • University of Florida institutional code: 5812
    • Program code for speech-language pathology: 0620
    • Note: You do not need to send your official GRE score report to the CSDCAS application; however, we do ask you to self-report your GRE scores on CSDCAS.
  • Application details: When completing the “Academic Program Information” section of UF’s application, be sure to enter the correct information for:
    • Degree Goal: Master’s
    • Term of enrollment: Fall 2016
    • Program of study: Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Statement of Purpose: For the statement of purpose section of UF’s graduate application:
    • Enter only the following text in the response field: “Applying to UF’s master’s program for speech-language pathology.”
    • Then, click the “save” button to advance to the next section of the application.
  • Academic Transcripts: You must submit official copies of all of your academic transcripts directly to the University of Florida. UF will not accept academic transcripts through CSDCAS. You should submit your official academic transcripts at the time of application.
    • Send all official academic transcripts to the following address:

Office of Admissions
University of Florida
201 Criser Hall
PO Box 114000
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Important: If you earned a Bachelor’s degree in something other than communication sciences and disorders, you should provide both (a) the transcripts that pertain to your Bachelor’s degree, and (b) the transcripts that pertain to any post-Baccalaureate coursework you have taken in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


  • International applicants should carefully review webpages at the UF Graduate School for additional information and requirements pertaining to admissions procedures, documentation of English language proficiency, visa processing, and other matters. (see
  • Questions: If you have questions about the graduate application process, please contact our admissions team:

Before you apply

Our Graduate Admissions Committee will review applications from individuals who either:

  • Have earned or are on track to earn a Bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders prior to matriculation in the MA-SLP program  OR…
  • Have completed a Bachelor’s degree in something other than communication sciences and disorders and have completed or are on track to complete a post-Baccalaureate program in communication sciences and disorders prior to matriculation in the MA-SLP program.

For information about how to complete post-Baccalaureate courses in communication sciences and disorders at the University of Florida, click here.

If you took your post-Baccalaureate courses at a university other than the University of Florida, your program of study needs to be similar in scope and content to the core courses in the Bachelor of Health Science – Communication Sciences and Disorders major at the University of Florida. Our core courses are listed below. Descriptions of these 3-credit courses are available in the UF Undergraduate Catalog.

  • SPA 3003: Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics (formerly labelled as LIN 2210)
  • SPA 3011: Speech Acoustics (i.e., coursework in speech science)
  • SPA 3101: Speech Anatomy and Physiology
  • SPA 3032: Fundamentals of Hearing (i.e., coursework in hearing science; hearing-related anatomy and physiology)
  • SPA 4004: Language Development
  • SPA 4104: Neural Bases of Communication
  • SPA 4250: Intro to Speech Disorders
  • SPA 4302: Audiometry and Hearing Disorders
  • SPA 4321: Audiological Rehabilitation
  • SPA 4400: Intro to Language Disorders

Your post-Baccalaureate courses do not need to be completed at a single university. For example, it is acceptable to take some courses at UF and other courses at another university. In such cases, however, your application must include academic transcriptions from each of the universities in which you enrolled in the post-Baccalaureate courses.

Additional information and resources:

If you have questions about the graduate application process, please contact our admissions team: