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Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Health Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders is designed to provide students with the foundation that is necessary for graduate study in audiology, speech-language pathology, and other related fields. Courses within the major are designed to develop students’ understanding of the normal bases of speech, language, and hearing; and to introduce basic concepts related to the disorders that affect human communication.

Additional details about the specific learning objectives and skill outcomes associated with this major can be found within the Undergraduate Catalog.

This major becomes a limited access program during the junior year of college; that is, after a student has earned 60 college credit hours. (Note: this 60 credit hour total includes all AP, IB and transfer credit hours that appear on a student’s academic transcript.)

Students who are admitted to the major begin taking core courses for the major during the fall semester of their junior year.

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12/5/14 – Our new online application form for the undergraduate (upper division) major is now available!!!      Before completing the application, please read the information below concerning when to apply, GPA requirements, prerequisite courses, and the application process. To access the application, click this link:

When to Apply

  • Applications to the major are reviewed each spring semester.
  • The deadline for application to the major is January 15.
    • Important: You must apply for admission to the major by the January 15 that precedes the fall in which you reach 60 or more semester credit hours (i.e., junior status).  Note that the credit hour total includes whatever courses you have taken here at UF as well as all AP, IB and transfer hours that appear on your academic transcript.
  • Admission decisions are typically made by March 15. (Note: admission decisions for junior college transfer students may be later than this date).

Minimum GPA Requirement

  • To be considered for admission into the major, you must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 or higher at the time of application. However, please note that we receive many applications for admission to the major and the typical cumulative GPA for students who are admitted to the major is above 3.6.

Prerequisite Courses

To be considered for admission to the major, you must successfully complete the following critical tracking courses:

  • General Psychology (PSY 2012)
  • An additional psychology course (DEP 3053, PSB 3002 or EXP 3604 recommended)
  • A general biology course (BSC 2007, BSC 2009 or BSC 2010)
  • Human Physiology with Lab (APK 2105C)
  • Statistics (STA 2023)
  • A communications course (COM 1000, SPC 2300 or SPC 2608, or equivalent)
  • A physical science course
    • Important: If you plan to seek clinical certification for eventual employment in speech-language pathology or audiology (which many of the students in our major do), it is necessary that the physical science requirement be met by taking a course in either Chemistry or Physics.)

The Application Process

Your application packet should include the following materials:

  • A completed online application form.
  • Official academic transcriptions:  (This is requirement is only for those applicants who are not currently attending UF. However, applicants who currently are attending UF may be asked to submit official transcripts after they have been admitted.)
    • Important: Your transcripts must include the final grades associated with all courses you have taken during the fall semester immediately preceding the January 15 application deadline.Official transcripts of all college/university coursework.

Academic Advising for Students Who are Not Yet Admitted to the Major

  • Freshman- and sophomore-level UF students who have not yet been admitted to the major should see the PHHP college advisors for all questions related to academic advising.
  • Junior college students who are looking to transfer to UF and apply to the Communication Sciences and Disorders program should contact Jean Burns for questions about prerequisite courses, course equivalents, and so forth.



Mandatory Orientation Meeting

Students who are newly admitted to the major are required to attend the New Junior Orientation meeting.

  • The next New Junior Orientation meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m in Little Hall, Room 113.   Attendance is required for ALL students who are newly admitted to the major.
    • At the orientation for new CSD Undergraduate Majors, students will learn about degree requirements and receive a plan of study which details the sequence of all remaining courses in your Bachelor’s program.

Plan of Study/Academic Advising for Students Who Have Been Admitted to the Major

As noted above, each student who is admitted to the major has a plan of study, which is a map of the courses you will be taking during your junior and senior years.

  • Students are responsible for monitoring the content and accuracy of their plan of study.
  • Important: Any changes to your original plan of study must be made with approval of the Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Kenneth J. Logan. Contact information for Professor Logan is as follows:
    • Email:
    • Telephone: 352-273-3726
    • Office: 339 Dauer Hall
  • Major students should see Dr. Logan for other issues related to academic advising, as well.

Senior’s Honors Thesis

Students who have a grade point average of 3.5 or better within their upper division coursework are eligible to complete a Senior Honors Thesis. Successful completion of the Senior Honors Thesis is necessary if you wish to be eligible for graduating with high or highest honors. Please contact the undergraduate program advisor if you are interested in conducting a Senior Honors Thesis. 


Our program is not accepting minor applications at present. Please check back soon for information about our new Certificate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders.