Suggested Electives:

ANT 4464 Culture and Aging
APB 3203 Human Physiology
CGS 3063 Computers and Modern Society
CIS 3020 Introduction to CIS
CLP 3144 Abnormal Psychology
COP 3110 Introduction to Computer Programming
DEP 3053 Developmental Psychology
DEP 4115 Infant Psychology
DEP 4305 Adolescent Psychology
DEP 4404 Psychology of Aging
EAB 3002 Introduction to Behavior Analysis
EAB 3764 Applications in Behavior Modification & Behavior Therapy
EGC 3935 Special Topics: Mental Health and Aging
ENC 3213 Technical Writing and Business Communication
EXP 3604 Cognitive Psychology
FYC 3001 Principles of Family, Youth and Community Sciences
FYC 3101 Parenting and Family Development
FYC 3115 Human Services
FYC 3201 Foundations of Youth Development
GEY 4930 Special Topics in Gerontology: Issues and Concepts
HSC 3134 Education for Emotional Health and Health Counseling
HSC 3532 Health and Medical Terminology
LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 3201 The Sounds of Human Language
LIN 3460 Traditional Grammars
PSB 3004 Physiological Psychology
SPC 2300 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
SPC 2600 Intro to Public Speaking
SYO 3410 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
SYP 4730 Sociology of Aging and Life Course

Approved College Electives for Communication Sciences & Disorders

CLP 4134 Intro to Clinical Child/Ped Psychology
CLP 4302 Intro to Clinical Psychology
CLP 4314 Intro to Health Psychology
CLP 4420 Intro to Neuropsychology
HSA 3111 U.S. Health Care Systems
HSC 3502 Survey of Diseases & Disability 1
HSC 4558 Survey of Disease & Disability 2
HSC 4600 Psychiatric Disorders
HSC 4608L Critical Thinking
OTH 3200 Applied Human Development 1
OTH 3201 Applied Human Development 2
OTH 3416 Pathophysiology
OTH 4418 Nervous Systems & Disorders *Seniors Only
OTH 4418L Nervous Systems & Disorders LAB *Seniors Only
PHC 3440 Global Public Health
PHC 3603 Critical Issues in Public Health
PHC 4024 Epidemiology in Public Health
RCS 3030 Intro to Rehabilitation & Human Services
RCS 4061 Psychosocial Aspects of Rehabilitation