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We appreciate your financial support of the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. Your gifts can go to funding student travel to meetings, undergraduate and graduate scholarships, lecture series, laboratory enhancements, and other initiatives. To learn more about establishing gifts in kind and bequests, please contact Marie Emmerson, PO Box 103565, Gainesville, FL 32610. She will help direct your donation to the appropriate mission of the department.


The Edna L. Povey scholarship is awarded to one undergraduate student in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences because of exemplary academics as well as personal and professional profiles characterized by dedication to scholarship and care for the treatment of patients with communicative disorders.

2009 Povey Award Winner: Mr. Brian Orr

2009 Abbott Awardees:

Audiology: Megan Gerhart

Speech: Kristen Lewandowski

Past Scholarship Recipients: What are they doing now?

Ilene Goldman was the very first recipient of the Povey Scholarship in 1984. She currently lives in Virginia. Ilene went on to medical school and is now working as an
Emergency Medicine Physician at a local hospital. She is married with 2 children
and active in the local community.

Sharon Dobbs was the 1985 recipient. She received her Master’s degree at the University of South Florida and after
graduation worked part-time as a contract therapist while raising a family with her husband. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia
where she stills lives and works today as a speech therapist in the school systems.

Paula Smith (Stickel) was the 1987 recipient. Through the years she has worked off and on in outpatient, home-health,
and private practice settings. Paula returned to Florida in 1996 to live in the Orlando area. She is currently working in
a Long Term Care facility in Winter Garden, Florida. She mentions what a privilege it was to receive this scholarship.
It certainly was a wonderful provision to help defray university expenses and
provided her the opportunity to earn a degree that has served her well over
the years.

Allison Jacobs-Levine was the 1991 recipient. After graduating from
the University of Florida, Allison received a full scholarship to the University
of Memphis where she received her Master’s degree. Allison began her career
in the school systems in Atlanta, Georgia and then went on to work at a nursing
home in Florida. After that she was granted the first full-time speech therapy
position at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where she developed the program
for 8 and a half years. She appeared on the Today Show with one of her patients.
She now works at EBS Healthcare at an elementary school for hearing impaired
children. She is married with one child and mentions how the professors at the
University of Florida were excellent teachers and role models.

The 1999 recipient
was Stephanie Charnam. Stephanie is living in Tampa with her husband and two
children. She works with a preschool-aged children with a variety of diagnoses
but mostly autism.

Stephanie Hayden was the 2002 recipient. After graduating
and attending another institution for a while she decided to take a break from
school to get married and raise 2 wonderful boys. She still feels inspired by
our field and the education she received at the University of Florida.

Jennifer Rodriguez was the 2004 recipient. She received her Master’s at Temple University
where she engaged in research and worked on publications. She is now in living
in Miami, FL working at Miami Children’s Hospital where she enjoys the diverse

Brian Orr will graduate with his MA in Speech Pathology April 2012. He is completing an externship at 7 Rivers Hospital in Crystal River.

 Kristie Lewandowski graduated from the MA program in 2010 and works locally with a rehabilitation company

The Thomas B. Abbott scholarship is awarded each year to two graduate students in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
because of their exemplary academics and personal and professional profiles characterized by dedication to scholarship and care for the treatment of patients with communicative disorders. This scholarship truly recognizes the students that portray empathy in caring for patients as did Dr. Thomas B. Abbott.

F. Joseph Kemker Fellowship

The F. Joseph Kemker award is given annually to a doctor of audiology (Au.D.) student who shows outstanding clinical potential in the early stages of their clinical degree program. This scholarship honors Dr. Kemker, the former chief of audiology for our department, and is given in celebration of his unrelenting commitment to the highest standards of patient-centered audiologic care.