Clinical Audiology Student Publishes Her Research

Published: January 19th, 2018

Category: News & Events, Student Accomplishments

Courtney RidleyCourtney Ridley, a fourth-year AuD student, knew a great deal about her chosen profession before she even stepped onto campus. She was diagnosed with hearing loss at a young age and as a consequence, had been around audiology practices for much of her life.  She always wanted to know more, though.  That drive for deeper understanding led Courtney to seek out an NIH-funded (NIDCD T-35) summer research internship at Boys Town National Research Hospital after the second year of her AuD program.  Working with a team investigating more subtle signs of hearing difficulty, Courtney sought measures that could better quantify the perceived problems, often called “hidden hearing loss” many people experience.  The results of that project have now been published in Ear and Hearing, the official journal of the American Auditory Society.  Congratulations, Courtney!