University of Florida Audiology Program Continues Strong

Published: November 27th, 2018

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Distance-Learning Audiology Program Closing


Twenty years ago, the audiology faculty at the University of Florida established a distance-learning training program to allow practicing audiologists to upgrade their degrees to the newly minted Doctorate of Audiology. That program has been a tremendous success, with over 1200 individuals obtaining their AuD degrees this way. But now it has served its purpose. Individuals entering the profession receive these degrees through existing training programs. Thus, we are announcing that the distance-learning program will sunset at the end of the spring 2020 semester.

Campus Audiology Program Reinvented

SunriseWhile we bid farewell to our distance-learning program, we also announce that our campus program is thriving. We have recently made several new hires, and look forward to several more. With strong support from our college, we have the resources to make this one of the most scientifically rigorous programs in the country. We invite prospective students who seek an intensive program that is forward thinking, training them for roles as leaders in hearing healthcare and research. In addition to the AuD degree, we have restructured our PhD to make it even stronger.

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