SLHS Faculty Members Win ASHF Research Awards

Matt Masapollo

Dr. Matt Masapollo Receives New Investigator Award

Matt Masapollo, PhD, received a New Investigator Award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation to investigate the mechanisms involved in speech motor sequence learning using electromagnetic articulography.

Yonghee Oh

Dr. Yonghee Oh Awarded 
2020 New Century Scholars Research Grant

Yonghee Oh, PhD, has been awarded a 2020 New Century Scholars Research Grant from American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. The grant is entitled “Effects of Steady Background Noise on Segregation of Speech Based on Voice Pitch Differences in Hearing Impaired Listeners”. The goal of this proposal is to investigate a potential rehabilitation approach to sharpen pitch perception in hearing-impaired listeners and improve their speech perception abilities in background noise consisting of multiple talkers. In addition, a computational model of auditory processing will be developed in spectro-temporal domains. This $25,000 grant will fund Dr. Oh’s research on this project for two years.