Decision Taking in Different Language Contexts


Dr. Eleonora Rossi (

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Study Description

During the study, you will be asked to complete two short tasks on Qualtrics, and complete a short language history questionnaire, also on Qualtrics. In order to participate, you will make an appointment with the researcher and you will briefly interact via Zoom before starting the study on Qualtrics. This study will be completely voluntary, no payment is offered. You will receive extra credit if you are enrolling through a course. The PI of the study will not know who will have participated in the study, and study credits will be managed by a research assistant who will notify your instructor of the participation in order for you to get extra credit. The extra credit you might accrue by participating in this study will not exceed 1% of your total grade.

Participant Requirements

18-35 years old, monolingual native English speaker (no more than minimal knowledge of another language)

Estimated Duration of Experiment

This experiment will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Number of Subjects Needed



Online (via Zoom)

Contact Information

Please use the following google form link to sign up for the experiment: If you have any questions, reference “Decision Making Study” in the subject line of an email to Aryeh Silver (