Lexical and grammatical processing in Chinese-English bilinguals


Wen Jiang and Dr. Jorge Valdes-Kroff

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Study Description

In Mandarin Chinese, classifiers are used obligatorily with numerals to characterize a noun (e.g., 一张票, one ticket). The lack of noun classifiers in English and their use in Chinese presents certain difficulties for bilinguals and English-speaking learners of Chinese. This study will investigate the influence of L1 (Chinese) knowledge on L2 (English) processing. 

Participants will complete a lexical decision task where they will answer yes or no questions after seeing letters on a computer screen. Following this, participants will complete a cognitive task and a series of surveys that assess participants’ familiarity with the words used in the study and gathers information on their language history. 

Compensation will be in the form of course credit(s), when applicable OR at the rate of $10/hr.

Participant Requirements

Must be between 18-35 years old, native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, and fluent in English

Estimated Duration of Experiment

This experiment will last approximately 1-1.5hrs.

Number of Subjects Needed



UF Dauer Hall

Contact Information

Contact Wen Jiang (wen.jiang@ufl.edu) if interested in participating. Include “bilingual lexical processing study” in the subject line.