2022 BHS-CSD Research Day

On April 12, 2022, 20 BHS-CSD students were on hand to present their research from the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.  Included in these students is Jillian Zuwalla, who won the 2022 Dean’s Scholar Award.  These students showcased their findings in a poster session attended by faculty and students. 

2022 Research Day Presenters

Student Mentor(s)
Jamie Averitt Laurie Gauger
Natalie Ducut Yonghee Oh
Kylie Fernandez Susan Nittrouer
Franchesca Flores-Rodriguez Laurie Gauger
Nicole Garcia Candice Adams-Mitchell
Julia Ginter Matthew Masapollo
Jessica Goel Matthew Masapollo
Jessica Hunter Yonghee Oh
Jenna Kasten Sterling Sheffield
Cameron Lathan Sterling Sheffield
Natalia Matteo Krista Fitzgerald/Jill Raney
Priscilla O’Hara Susan Nittrouer
Lauren Pearso Susan Nittrouer
Lauren Petrides Susan Nittrouer
Grace Pope Candice Adams-Mitchell
Jessica Smith Matthew Masapollo
Elizabeth Tortolini Sterling Sheffield
Ashey Villanueva Sterling Sheffield/Sharon DiFino
Katrin Woods Candice Adams-Mitchell
Jillian Zuwala Yonghee Oh