Characterizing Swallow-Breathing Coordination under Controlled Versus Naturalistic Conditions in Healthy Adults

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Karen W Hegland, Ph.D., CCC-SLP & Yuhan Mou, M.A., CCC-SLP

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Study Description

This study will compare swallow-breathing coordination (SBC) in healthy adults under less controlled conditions that better mimic daily mealtime environments and SBC under tightly controlled swallowing task conditions, which is what is reported most often in the literature. Potential findings may contribute to a better understanding of how SBC relates to dysphagia symptoms, and aid in the development of swallow interventions with greater generalizability.

There will be 2 study visits. During each visit, you will asked to eat about 1 package of applesauce or pudding, and drink around 500mL of water in total while your swallowing and breathing are measured. The 2 visits will differ in terms of the environmental condition you will experience. During one visit, you will be instructed to swallow in a highly specific manner, predetermined by the research team. During the other visit, you will be asked to consume the provided food item and water in your own natural way while engaging in conversation with a study team member guided by a list of questions.

You will not receive any compensation for your participation.

Participant Requirements

Participants must be 18-65 years old and have no current COVID infection, nor a history of symptomatic COVID infection within the past 6 months, dysphagia (problems with swallowing), respiratory disease, neurological disease, major head and neck surgery, or smoking within the past 5 years, including use of electronic cigarettes or vaping. Participants must also not be allergic to any of the provided food items (water, applesauce, vanilla or chocolate pudding) which would preclude them from safely participating in the study.

Estimated Duration of Experiment

Participation in this study will involve 2 study visits, each lasting 1-2 hours, for a total of 2-4 hours in total.

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Dental Science Building (D2-63)

Contact Information

Interested individuals can email Yuhan Mou at with “swallow-breathing research study” in the subject line of your email or call (352) 273-7809 for more information.