The Effect of Code-switching Types on Executive Control


Souad Kheder, Ph.D., Edith Kaan, Ph.D.



Study Description

The purpose of this study is to look into speech processing in Spanish-English bilingual speakers to expand on what we know about bilingualism and general cognition.

During the study you will be involved in a game-like description task, taking turn between listening to someone’s descriptions on image objects and describing and responding to some of the other image objects that you see on a computer screen. Your responses and descriptions of the objects will be recorded. In addition to the description task, you will be asked to complete a language history questionnaire and two language proficiency tasks.

Participant Requirements

Age: 18-35 years old. Language: Learned English and Spanish by the age of 12. Have no hearing or language related issues.

Duration of Experiment

1.5 hours.

Number of Subjects Needed



TUR B122

Contact Information

Contact Savannah ( This study is on SONA!