Clinical Practicum Sites

Department clinics — Our Department is the clinical service provider at three UF Health clinics, wherein our graduate students can complete clinical practicum hours:

Affiliated sites on campus — Our Department also is affiliated with a range of other UF sites, at which our graduate students also can complete clinical practicum hours. These sites include:

Other local sites that have clinical affiliation agreements with our program include:

Clinical Externships: Many of our students complete their clinical externships at sites beyond the Gainesville area. In recent years our students have ventured to schools, hospitals, and clinics in places such as Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Diego, to name a few!

In each of these settings, our students are mentored by licensed and certified speech-language pathologists (including our professors) who are highly experienced in the areas of assessment, prevention, and treatment. We strive to help our students develop a comprehensive, well-balanced foundation for successful clinical careers in speech-language pathology – ones that encompasses communication differences, developmental and acquired communication disorders, and swallowing disorders in both pediatric and adult cases.