PhD Application Process

Admissions Deadline

To receive consideration for admission to any Fall semester, all of your application materials should be received by the preceding January 15th.  However, certain scholarship programs require application and acceptance by the department and university by an earlier date.  If you are applying for a scholarship requiring an earlier application date than January 15th, please alert your proposed mentor and the doctoral student advisor, Dr. Altmann, when you submit your application.

Application Checklist

To have a complete application on file, you must do the following:

  • Submit an online application.
  • Have official copies of transcripts of ALL previous undergraduate and graduate work sent to the Admissions Office at the Registrar.
  • Arrange to have an official copy of your scores from the Graduate Record Examination sent (UF code is 5812, dept code is 0620 for speech and 0602 for audiology).
  • As well as sending the above materials to the Office of the Registrar, you must also submit your application portfolio, directly to the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, 1225 Center Drive, Room 2150, University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32610

If you are an International Student, please note the following UF requirements (from the graduate catalog):

  • International students must submit a satisfactory score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language: computer=213, paper=550, web=80), IELTS (International English Language Testing System: 6), MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery: 77) or successful completion of the University of Florida English Language Institute program.
  • Students who meet the following conditions may be exempt from the English language test requirements:
  • International students whose native language is English
  • International students who have spent at least 1 academic year in a degree-seeking program at a college or university in a country where English is the official language, if their attendance was in the year immediately prior to UF admission
  • International students with unsatisfactory scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB; unsuccessful completion of the University of Florida English Language Institute program; or an unacceptable score on the verbal part of the GRE must achieve an acceptable score on an essay administered by the Academic Written English program at UF.
  • If English skills are not acceptable, then performance on the essay will be used to place students in appropriate courses that will not count toward a graduate degree.

 Admissions Decisions

Admission to the Ph.D. program requires approval by both the department and graduate school.   Once the application is complete, the potential faculty mentor presents the applicant’s materials to the full faculty for their consideration. Applicants must be approved by the majority of the departmental graduate faculty before the file is sent on to the Graduate School. The final decision regarding admission to the doctoral program is made by the Graduate School, upon recommendation of the Graduate Admissions Committee. The process usually takes four to six weeks.