The following courses are offered in our online Post-Baccalaureate program. You may apply for enrollment in some or all the courses!

  • SPA 3011: Speech Acoustics
  • SPA 3101: Speech Anatomy and Physiology
  • SPA 3032: Fundamentals of Hearing
  • SPA 4004: Language Development
  • SPA 4104: Neural Bases of Communication
  • SPA 4250: Intro to Speech Disorders (SPA 3003 [Phonetics] & SPA 3101)*
  • SPA 4302: Audiometry and Hearing Disorders (SPA 3032)*
  • SPA 4321: Audiologic Rehabilitation (SPA 4302)*
  • SPA 4400: Intro to Language Disorders (SPA 4004 & SPA 4104)*
  • SPA 3003: Special Topics: Phonetics

*Courses in parentheses are prerequisites for the listed course

Each of the courses in the online post-baccalaureate program are developed and taught by the faculty from our highly-ranked programs in audiology and speech-language pathology. So, if you are unable to complete the pre-requisite courses that are needed for graduate-level study in audiology or speech-language pathology through a traditional on-campus program, this program may be for you! Further your education and enhance your career by enrolling in the post-baccalaureate program at the University of Florida.

Tentative Course Schedule

SPA 3011
Speech Acoustics
SPA 4004
Language Development
SPA 4321
Audiologic Rehabilitation*
SPA 3032
Fundamentals of Hearing
SPA 4104
Neural Bases of Communication
SPA 4250
Introduction to Speech Disorders*
SPA 3101
Speech Anatomy & Physiology
SPA 4050
Clinical Observation
 SPA 4400
Introduction to Language Disorders*
SPA 4302
Audiometry & Hearing Disorders*
 SPA 3003 Phonetics

*Course has prerequisite(s)