Postbaccalaureate Program

Distance learning

Complete graduate school prerequisites online.

This online postbaccalaureate program is designed for individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in an area other than Communication Sciences and Disorders to complete the prerequisite courses (“leveling courses”) that are necessary to be considered for admission to a graduate program in audiology or speech-language pathology. Before you apply to this postbaccalaureate program, you first should verify which courses are required by the graduate programs you are applying to. You are welcome to take only the course you need to meet those program requirements. Please note that this postbaccalaureate program is not a degreed program; therefore, the students who complete it do not earn a diploma or certificate. Courses and associated grades from the program are recorded on an official academic transcript, however.

Due to space limitations, we are not able to offer classes to non-degree seeking students unless they have been admitted to the postbaccalaureate program.

Postbaccalaureate Courses

The following courses are offered in our online Post-Baccalaureate program. You may apply for enrollment in some or all of the courses. For those interested in pursuing speech-language pathology at UF, all courses or their equivalents, are recommended.

SPA 3003: Phonetics
SPA 3011: Speech Acoustics
SPA 3101: Speech Anatomy and Physiology
SPA 4004: Language Development
SPA 4050: Clinical Observation
SPA 4104: Neural Bases of Communication
SPA 4250: Intro to Speech Disorders (SPA 3003 [Phonetics] & SPA 3101)*
SPA 4302: Intro to Audiology
SPA 4321: Audiologic Rehabilitation (SPA 4302)*
SPA 4400: Intro to Language Disorders (SPA 4004 & SPA 4104)*

*Courses in parentheses are prerequisites for the listed course



  • Tuition –  $280 (per credit hour) in-state and out

Student Fees 

  • Capital Improvement Trust Fund – $6.76 (per credit hour)
  • Student Financial Aid – $5.25 (per credit hour)
  • Technology – $5.25 (per credit hour)

Financial Aid

All students who think they need financial assistance should apply. The only way to tell if you’re eligible to receive aid is to apply. Many factors are taken into account when awarding aid. It is recommended that applicants complete the FAFSA at the same time as the application for admission. Please see the information on completing the FAFSA on the Office of Student Financial Affairs website below.

Office of Student Financial Affairs
UF Department of Veterans Affairs