Lori J. P. Altmann, Ph.D.

Lori J. AltmannAssociate Professor

Location: HPNP
Office phone: (352) 273-6594
Email: laltmann@ufl.edu

Curriculum vitae


  • LIN2210  Phonetic Theory and Transcription
  • SPA 2109 Language Breakdown and the Brain
  • SPA4004 Language Development
  • SPA 5254 Neurocognitive Language Disorders
  • SPA 6390 Proseminar: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • SPA 6581 Practical Statistics

Bachelor of Arts  – 1977 –  McGill University
Master of Arts – 1992 – California State University Fullerton
Master of Arts – 1994 – University of Southern California
Doctor of Philosophy – 1998 – University of Southern California
Post-Doctoral  Fellowship – 2003 – University of Kansas

Dr. Altmann has a long-standing interest in the interaction between cognitive ability and language use, with a focus on how disorders of executive function and working memory affect language production and comprehension. Previus studies have addressed this issue in healthy older and young adults, people with Alzheimer disease, people with Parkinson disease, and college students with dyslexia. More recently, Dr. Altmann has been investigating how cogniion and language interact with movement. This has led to several studies on the interaction between cognition, language and walking in stroke, the effects of exercise on people with Parkinson’s disease, multi-tasking in peopl with Parkinson disease, and the effects of hand gestures on the success of treatment for aphasia after stroke. Dr. Altmann’s research is funded by the National Institues of Health. For more information about Dr. Altmann’s research, please visit the language over the lifespan laboratory website.