Audiologic Diagnostic Services

The Doctors of Audiology provide an array of clinical services at the UF Health Speech & Hearing Center – Shands Hospital located on the 2nd Floor Dental Wing of UF Health Shands Hospital.  We provide services to patients of all ages ranging from newborn to adults.  All of the Doctors of Audiology have experience and extensive training of all of the services provided.

The following clinical services are performed at this location:

Complete audiologic evaluations:

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluation:  Includes speech and pure tone diagnostics.
  • Tympanometry to assess middle ear function.
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing (DPOAEs):  Objective measure to determine inner ear functionality.
  • Acoustic Reflex Testing:  A retro-cochlear site of lesion test.

Tinnitus Evaluations:

  •  Complete tinnitus evaluations and Management Strategies are offered including full audiological evaluation and possible options for management of tinnitus.

Specialized Testing:

  • Electrophysiology Testing including Auditory Brainstem Response testing (ABR) to determine hearing sensitivity for those who cannot be tested conventionally, such as infants.
  • Other Electrophysiology testing such as, Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials, Electrocochleography, etc., as directed by your physician when warranted.

Hearing Device Services:

  • Complete hearing aid evaluations:  Thorough explanation is offered of possible choices that are specific for each individual.  We are not commission based but rather client based.
  • Fitting and Counseling Services:  We will take the time to ensure that each patient’s hearing device is set correctly for their specific hearing loss. Real ear verification systems, which is a unique system that gives objective measurements needed to ensure a good fitting, will be utilized for hearing aid fittings.
  • Follow-Up Care:  The Doctors of Audiology will provide excellent follow-up care to enable each patient to hear to their maximum capability.  We are here to serve each patient to provide excellent hearing healthcare.
  • Bone Anchored Osseointegrated Devices (BAHA):  Evaluations, fitting and followup of BAHAs at this location.  This is a device that may help those with either a conductive type of hearing loss or those with a unilateral hearing loss.
  • Assistive Listening Devices:  Sometimes hearing aids are not the only solution.  We have the knowledge and expertise to guide each patient to the best solution, which may include a an assistive listening device for use with the television, hearing in noisy environments, etc.

Cochlear Implant Evaluations/Follow Up

  • A Cochlear Implant is a device that is surgically implanted into the inner ear that may help those with a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss that do not receive benefit from a traditional hearing aid.
  • The Doctors of Audiology are part of The Cochlear Implant Team  at UF Health.  They evaluate, make recommendations and follow cochlear implant user’s progress very closely.  We have a team of professionals dedicated to our cochlear implant patients.

Auditory Processing Evaluations/Management

  • You or a loved one may need an auditory processing evaluation if you find yourself having issues concentrating with there is extraneous noise/interactions happening around you and you find you have trouble focusing.
  • We do a full range of tests to determine if you or your loved one may suffer from APD and provide management strategies for helping to cope when in a noisy interactive environment.

Craniofacial Audiological Evaluations

  • We are fortunate to be part of a team of experts at UF Health in the Craniofacial Clinic.  We provide services to those patients who are scheduled to see the craniofacial team.  If a hearing device is needed we evaluation, fit and follow up as needed to ensure a successful treatment.

Noise Conservation Evaluations

  •  We provide audiological testing and recommendations to those who may need annual evaluations due to noise levels exposed to in the workforce.

Newborn Hearing Screenings and Follow Ups

  • Our Doctors of Audiology evaluate all newborns born at UF Health Shands Hospital before discharge as mandated by Florida State Law (House Bill 399).
  • We follow and treat infants with a diagnosis of hearing loss.

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1600 Archer Road
2nd Floor Dental Wing
Room D259
Gainesville, FL  32610-0174