Senior Honors Theses

T​he Senior Honors Thesis program is open to all students in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.  For students who meet the criteria, it provides them with the opportunity  to be involved directly with research.  Students work closely with a mentor over three semesters who guides them through the process from conceptualizing a research project to writing a thesis.  Students are also required to participate in the PHHP undergraduate student research day, where they have the opportunity to do poster presentations.  BHS-CSD students who successfully complete a thesis, are in good academic standing, have no Student Conduct Code or any type of academic dishonesty violations​ and earn a 3.75 GPA or above in all 3000 or above level coursework since beginning the BHS-CSD program (over 60 credits), will graduate magna cum laude (high honors) or summa cum laude (highest honors).

Spring 2021

Elizabeth Anguiano

Sarah Bridges

Cassandra Chappell

Shanie Elkarif

Yasneli Lleo

Eleonora Mocevic

Caitlin Salvagno

Summer Stavrevski

Emily Zezas

Spring 2020

Amy Ashley

Emily Bateh

Kelly Leonard

Emily McHugh

Kasey McElheny

Katherine Perez

Camila Rodriguez