Student Travel

  • Follow all Instructions in a timely manner
  • Deadlines are final
  • If you are unsure about any issue, contact your mentor first, contact the department chair second.

Before you travel – Step 1

Start Early

Any student potentially seeking travel funds should notify the department chair at the time of responding to the call for papers.

Before you travel – Step 2

Complete SLHS travel information form

Before you travel – Step 3

Provide Sue Beebe ( with the following information – For compliance with Clery Act

  • Dates of conference attendance (start and end date):
  • Educational purpose:
  • Address of lodging:
  • Arrival date of lodging
  • Departure date of lodging
  • Address of conference (hotel and/or Convention center)
  • Local law enforcement agency
  • Law enforcement agency address, phone #, and email
  • Will there be a SLHS faculty member attending?  If yes, provide the name of the faculty member.

Before you travel – Step 4

Apply for Internal Awards

UF Office of Research – $400 with matching funds from department

After your trip – Step 5

  • Upon your return, submit documentation to Eileen Phillips for reimbursement within 3 business days.
  • Reimbursements for travel cannot be processed until the trip has occurred.
  • Original receipts are required, and all receipts must be itemized.
  • If airfare is being reimbursed, the receipt must show the class code.  Only economy class is allowed and regular seating (no preferred seating).
  • UF does not pay for travel insurance.